Beering on a Budget

It’s Just a Beer is back in action but with a new twist. This week’s relaunch comes in the form of tips and tricks to saving cash while still enjoying quality beers!

Head-to-Head: Cinco de Mayo Brews

After taking a one week ciesta to deal with a sudden issue back home, I’ve returned just in time to delve into the unique offerings the American beer scene puts out come Cinco de Mayo. For the most part — much like St. Patty’s Day and Guinness — supermarkets, gas stations and high end beer…

Beer Review: Pale Ales

Summer is getting closer and closer every day so ready yourself with your jorts and a mental list of some crisp refreshing beers to enjoy come the dog days of summer.

Beer Review: Amber Ales

HAPPY NATIONAL BEER DAY! As we celebrate the end of Prohibition, let’s shine the spotlight on a group of beers that deserves a place right next to the commonly praised stouts, porters, lagers and IPAs.

Beer Review: Brown Ales

Brown Ales are common and tasty yet lack a certain curb appeal, making them often overlooked. But these simple offerings are some of the best ones out there, bells and whistles aside.

Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Sweet, nutty and delicious. The brown ale is a boarder line dessert beer. I would pick up a sixer in a heartbeat but can’t see myself cruising through more than one or two. Doesn’t make it bad, just not a crusher. 4.75/5

Old Brown Dog

Everything one could possibly want from a brown ale. It hits all the malty notes and offers a little extra. If it’s on a bottle of draft list, it’s also on my radar. 4.75/5

Newcastle Brown Ale

This was my go-to beer for a very long time. To this day, if I’m offered a Newcastle, you better believe I’m going to accept. It’s not the fanciest car on the lot but it will get the job done. 4.5/5

Beer Review: Lagers

America: Land of the free, home of the brave, drinkers of lagers. With this blog still in infancy, can you think of a better place to start than with the lager?

Slingshot American Craft Lager

With it’s citrus hop pop and familiar lager qualities, this beer erupts with warmer times to come. Although I drink this now wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt, this beer is destined to be enjoyed topless and in the water. Rating: 4.75/5