What it’s all about


“It’s Just a Beer” was started on the notion that craft beer does not have to be about curly-Q mustaches, tweed vests and tulip glasses. Instead, it can be about regular guys or gals enjoying the wide world of beer that exists beyond the realm of fizzy yellow lagers with million dollar ad campaigns. Here, the curious beer drinker can get helpful reviews and commentary on beers without feeling like her or she is going to have to impress anybody or live up to some upper crusty ideal of sophistication or knowledge.

Here at “It’s Just a Beer”, I welcome cicerones who have beer knowledge shooting out of their ears to the average Joe who’s only every had a Coors Light and is interested in seeing the beer-scape beyond the Rocky Mountains on their favorite can. I encourage spirited discussion and debate on beers, preferences, etc. but all I ask is not to shame or belittle anybody based on their knowledge or preference.




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